LaGrone Knives

My name is Mark LaGrone and I have been making knives since 2003. I took about a 5 year break due to a job change and family responsibilities.  When I first started making knives my Maker's Mark was "Saint Mark" or "M L", depending on the blade style.  Since I started back making knives I decided to go with just my name. So starting in 2017 my Maker's Mark is "LaGrone" or "M L" depending on the blade style.

I am a part-time knife maker as my time allows. I am also a Pastor of Small Groups and Discipleship at a church. Therefore, my time is limited.

About My Knives

My knives are made to be knives and not pry bars,hammers, ect.. I guarantee my knives to be free from any defects in workmanship and materials (this does not apply to natural handle materials as they may develop cracks with age). They are guaranteed for my working life.

** I am also not responsible for people being hurt from misusing or abusing my knives. Knives are sharp and they cut!!

My hunting knives are made from ATS-34 stainless steel. I send them out for heat and cryo treating and they come back about 61 on the hardness scale. Due to the chemicals involved in tanning leather I do not recommend that you store your knives long term in the sheath.

My folding knives are made from 0-1 and from ATS-34. I heat treat the O-1 Steel myself and I send the ATS-34 for treating.

You should be able to maintain sharpness by occasionally touching the knife up with a fine coarse sharpening stone or ceramic sticks.